About Ho'ola Essential Oils

Ho’ola oils are the pure bio-authentic active chemicals from plant materials that have been distilled or extracted for their aromatic, volatile substance or essence. The oils come either directly from the distillers who have grown or wildcrafted the plant materials or from the agents who work directly with the source distillers. The intention is to bring you the highest quality of organic, non-chemical or polluted wild crafted, where possible, essential oils and hydrosols.

It is our philosophy that nature is our first healer. The plants are here to partner with us to restore our balance, health and well-being in body-mind-soul. As we develop a relationship with the plants and their medicinal qualities, we find how important it is to protect our earth. If the earth and her plants are polluted and unhealthy so will we be. But, if we can learn to care for the earth and her bounty, we will reap the rewards of health and longevity to live a full and happy life, in service to the greater good. The earth is sacred, our home that sustains us. Water, earth, air and fire are the elementals that support plant life which then supports our life. When the plants lose their vitality so do we.

Everything we do impacts the earth which in turn affects our health. If our actions pollute or poison the environment, we are contributing acts that are threatening all life on earth. As growers, ourselves, we care for our plants with care, tending to their soil, water and place with peace and love.


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