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Welcome to Ho’ola Essential Oils. We are dedicated to the art of self-care through the safe use of medicinal plants. We embrace spirit as our healing source, consciousness as the information the body needs to turn on the healing intelligence and soul as our guide to our creative life purpose we came to express. We appreciate the growing paradigm of healing, known as vibrational medicine with the awareness that matter is the outer manifestation of the deeper structure of the universe, that is energy, vibrational and subtle.

The use of essential oils is a natural healing system that is ancient, used by our ancestors to maintain health, beauty, spirituality and a long and happy life.

Essential oils treat the whole spectrum of the human experience, from the physical body to the emotional body, energy body and the soul to awaken the spirit in matter, the final source of all healing. The highest form of healing occurs through the transformation of the energetic patterns that guide the physical body. The science of psychoneuroimmunology [PNI] has clearly shown how the mind of conscious thought acts upon the physical body through the neurohormonal systems that alters every cell including the immune system. Simply stated, attitudes, thoughts and feelings become the neuro-chemicals that change the physiology of the body towards health or disease.

We advocate the wise use of essential oils to shift our thoughts and feelings from negativity to a state of enhanced wellbeing. Inhalation use is the best avenue for shifting our inner self. We support safe dilution rates for topical application to the skin to support good physical health.

We are committed to bringing you bio-authentic, unaltered, organic essential oils straight from the grower and distillery. We support ethical wild crafting of plant materials and seek where possible to only offer essential oils that are not in danger of extinction.

May the wise and informed use of our essential oils support your health, well-being and creative life purpose.

With deep gratitude,

Gayle and Stephanie


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