Stephanie Carver, RN

 I have vivid childhood memories spending summers at my grandparents’ home. They lived in an old two story home that my grandfather built along the coast of Kaneohe Bay, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

 Many long afternoons were spent playing outside in their yard searching for geckos, picking mangos and “attempting” to climb coconut trees.

What I remember most of these beautiful memories was the smell of my grandmother’s large plumeria tree, located in the back corner of the garden. It was this sweet aroma that was always first to greet me when I arrived. The sweetness of the plumeria aroma would make me breathe in deeply and exhale with a sigh.

 In the early mornings, I would often pick these delicate yellow and pink hued flowers and it was under this tree, where my cousins and I learned the art of lei-making and practiced our hula skills.

 To this day, so many years later, this fragrant smell takes me right back in time. I immediately recall the feeling of warm salty air on my skin, the sound of palm trees moving in the gentle breeze and I can see the turquoise blue water of the Pacific Ocean. In an instant, my heart is filled with peace.

 This is the power of aroma. Through our sense of smell, a chemical reaction is initiated. Our bodies can shift into a different state of mind, instantaneously.


When Ho’ola Essential Oils are introduced to our body via inhalation or transdermal route, they operate like signals to start an action within the body. Actions such as, uplifting our mood, decreasing anxiety or boosting immune function. The essential oils promote harmony within the body to create physical and emotional balance.


Through our careers as registered nurses, Gayle and I have seen, first hand, the need for helping our patients shift out of a state of anxiety, grief or fear, in order to allow the body to begin the healing process. Essential oils are the safest and most immediate way to make this happen. The results we witnessed were astounding and sparked our passion to find the highest quality oils produced in the world.


It was our dream to be confident in the purity and quality of the oils we introduced to our patients, family and friends. Ho’ola Essential Oils represents our dream realized. Our oils come to you exactly how the plant created them!


With a humble heart, I welcome you to experience Ho’ola Essential Oils. May they bring abundance to your life.




Gayle Swift, RN, MSN

 Thoughts from Gayle,


Essential oils can help you live in the moment, open to experience life as it is without interpreting it from the past. Most of time, our moments throughout the day are fine, if left alone, without interpretation, judgment or desire. Ho’ola is a Polynesian word carrying the life giving message of health, wholeness, and well-being, a salutation to the day, that all is well.


When you use the oils along with the message of Ho’ola, it can be a way to greet the day, a salutation to live this day in wholeness and well-being. Let it be a prayer of blessing to all you meet and share your life. May the energy of love, joy, wisdom and understanding fill this day, and may you live a long a healthy life in which to fulfill your soul’s creative life purpose.



I have always felt close to nature and knowing that my well-being was best served by living close to the land. Recently I had my DNA tested and much to my great surprise I found that my lineage is 100% celtic a blend of Irish-Viking. Though shocked somewhat, I quickly realized my pull towards islands, where the land meets the sea, the mist on the early morning, cold weather and windy days.  I love rocks, shamrocks and words graced by the poet, the blessing way of continuous prayer and the love of belonging to the land and community. My indigenous roots belong to the island lands. Like my friend and partner, Stephanie, I am an islander in love with nature, as the source of our health, life and longevity.


In the language of my ancestors I leave you with, fad sail agat, may you enjoy a long life. And until we meet,


    May the road rise to meet you.

    May the wind be always at your back.

    May the sun shine warm upon your face.

    And rains fall soft upon your fields.

    And until we meet again,

    May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

     —Irish Blessing

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