Dave and Stacy Beason



January 11, 2016 – the day my life changed! After 40 years of smoking, chewing, and not taking care of myself, I had a heart attack.


When you almost die, you are willing to make some changes. I knew I had to stop smoking and chewing, and I did, but the aftermath of a life of nicotine addiction and hard living had left me miserable. I was chewing…literally chewing holes in the side of my mouth, anxious all the time, and unable to find a sense of peace.


My wife has a friend named Stephanie and she used essential oils from her.  I had never used them and frankly was skeptical. However, with a little coaxing, I decided to give them a try. My life changed again!


I used the oils as an inhalant to help me relax and I immediately discovered that they helped me find that place of peace I was looking for.


I have not looked back. Clean for 8 months, down from 10 pills a day to 4 and off the anxiety medicine completely. The oils have restored my sense of peace and helped me to ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’. I have two friends I keep with me at all times - Frankincense and Bergamot. They have become my go to oils.  I also enjoy the Grapefruit and Lavender as well as others.  We are also beginning to discover so many other uses and benefits of essential oils.


More than just telling you my story, I want to encourage each of you to give these oils an opportunity to change your life and take you to a place of Ho’ola.


I am so thankful for my wife Stacy, another chance at life, and Ho’ola Essential Oils!


   Dave and Stacy Beason are still smelling the roses in Oakdale, California


Judy Dean, RN


When I first heard about essential oils, I was a skeptic. After all, I am a licensed nurse and my industry focuses on helping and healing largely through the use of technology and pharmaceuticals. So when I went to Southern California to visit my dad, and a friend recommended essential oils to help me sleep (sleeping in any bed but my own is a struggle), I was skeptical. She convinced me to try a few drops of orange oil and I slept great!

Since then, I have been on a journey with essential oils to use them not only in my personal life, but to help others that can benefit. There are a lot of others in my line of work as I share time between a pain clinic and emergency room at two hospitals in central California.

For me personally, I use Frankincense and Clary Sage Ho’ola Oils. My age and stage of life, as well as my passion for riding motorcycles, make these two my "go to" oils. The Clary Sage helps with the rhythms of life and the Frankincense is amazing for my skin.

Additionally, essential oils are really helpful at my work.  At both of my jobs, I use the oils to contribute to both the physical and mental well being of my patients. I have used direct application to the feet of patients in high levels of pain and seen great results. I also diffuse it into an airborne application and it has a distinct calming influence in an area of the hospital that can often be described as calamitous.

Ho’ola has really impacted my life and I know I’m on the right journey!

I am such a big believer in what Gayle and Stephanie are doing.  I love the level of purity they insist upon for their product. I can recommend Ho’ola based on my personal experiences and how I have seen it work in the medical field.  I hope you will give it a try!

   Judy Dean lives in Central California and continues to serve in two area hospitals.


Vicki Mutoza



I am not a long time essential oil user. My journey with oil started in 2014 when I was on vacation at a wedding for a family friend. My roommate became ill, I mean really sick! The last thing any of us wanted was to catch whatever was going around.


Another friend saw my dilemma in trying to care for my roommate and not get sick. She had some essential oils and offered them to me. I really did not know a lot about them but figured it couldn’t hurt. She applied some to my feet and the short story is this, over several days of helping to care for my roommate…I did not get sick!


I was impressed and even bought some oils for personal use. However, as some things go, what seemed like a good thing didn’t translate into regular habit. That is, until I spoke with my long-time friend Stephanie at the beginning of 2016. My husband and I both were dealing with pain and Stephanie was stepping into the world of essential oils. She took time to come and meet with us and not only show us how to use essential oils properly, but also  taught us about the oils, how they work, and the variety of uses for them.


For the pain, we use Pain Release, and it has produced amazing results for the both of us. We also use other oils and blends for energy, well-being and my favorite, lavender for sleep. Stephanie is so knowledgeable and caring. The time she took with us gave us the ability to not only use, but to understand what we needed and why. We are forever grateful!


For those of you who are currently using essential oils and are not experiencing the results you had hoped for, compare what you have with Ho’ola, I did, and the results were impressive. I can state with confidence that the purity level of Ho’ola produces oils that works faster, and last longer, than the other oils that are out there.


Today I am a Marketing Consultant for Cumulus Radio and travel all over the Central Valley of California. My Ho’ola recommendation is like the old American Express commercial, “Don’t leave home without it.”


     Vicki and her husband John live in Oakdale, Ca


Joyce Coletti



Gayle and I have known each other for over 25 years.  While working in nursing together, we discovered we had common interests in the area of Integrative Health Care including the use of essential oils.


As our interests grew into actions, we began to work towards developing our own oils.  The last 10 years we have remained focused on the use of oils for health, healing and well being.  In 2014, we harvested lavender and had it distilled locally.  It was the first step of many towards Ho’ola Essential Oils.


Gayle has an amazing knowledge of essential oils, the science and applications.  Her expertise in this field is far above most practitioners.  The addition of Stephanie to the team was perfect!  Stephanie and Gayle are a great fit for one another and have now taken Ho’ola to the next level.  I do know Ho’ola Essential Oils are among the purest that can be found and that these two will continue to insist on only the best.


I am their biggest cheerleader!


  Joyce Coletti and her husband Ed live in Santa Rosa, California and continue to use    essential oils for their health and well being.


Judi Anderson



I am an RN who is currently serving as a Hospice Nurse at Collabria Hospice in Napa California. My desire to develop an integrative health program including essential oils started many years ago.


Frankly, I was a little skeptical about essential oils when I first heard about them. However, over the years I began to learn about and use them. A few years ago I took a Healing Integrative Arts class from Gayle Swift and my interest began to grow.


Since then I have become an ardent fan of essential oils and especially Ho’ola. The level of purity and the knowledge level of both Gayle and Stephanie insure that Ho’ola will provide an excellent product. They have become a powerful tool at Collabria Hospice. They are great for pain management, sleep, and bringing a calming influence during times of stress.


I personally use essential oils, one of my favorites is to have a little peppermint blended into a carrier oil and used by my masseuse on my back – so good! I can personally attest to the purity and effectiveness of Ho’ola Essential Oils and recommend them for everyone.



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